15-54/Coord/2019/HEC/(QAD)/119: 07-02-2022

Subject: Notification

Common title: TTS Appointment, Tenure, Promotion Granted to Universities

Number: 15-54/Coord/2019/HEC/(QAD)/119

Dated: February 07, 2022

Keywords: TTS, HEC, Initial Appointment, Tenure, Promotion, University Autonomy

In continuation of HEC letter No.15-54/A&C/2019/HEC-FAD (QA)/196 dated 5th March 2021 and No. HEC/QAD/TTS/POLICY/DIR/2021/796 dated 7th October 2021, and in the interest of enhancing university autonomy and expediting the disposal of tenure track cases, it has been decided to replace the endorsement system with a system of autonomous decision-making combined with ex-post verification.

2. Under the new system, cases of initial appointment, tenure, and promotion of TTS faculty members will be decided directly by the relevant statutory bodies of the universities, without the need for subsequent HEC endorsement. Accordingly, decisions taken by the university under the TTS Version 2.0 amended/clarified to date shall be treated as final.

3 However, in order to ensure that the rights of all faculty members are protected, the HEC representative on the statutory bodies will be empowered to present the pertinent regulatory requirements, to advise on all related matters, and to bring any adverse information to the attention of HEC authorities. Furthermore, universities will be required to submit a Declaration (see attached form) on official letter head certifying that the appointment/ promotion has been made strictly in accordance with the rules.

4. The relevant decision-making bodies at universities will provide an opportunity to be heard to any person who is aggrieved by such a decision. If he or she is still not satisfied, they may appeal to a grievance body to be set up at the HEC.

5. In case of the discovery of any violation of rules, standards, or procedures, the grievance committee will have the right to recommend that the university's decision be set aside, and that penalties be imposed, including the recovery of any payment made as a result of the impugned decision. In case of persistent violations or submission of false or misleading declarations, the committee may recommend action against the responsible officers of the university and/or the exclusion of the university from the TTS program.

6. This is issued with the approval of the Competent Authority.

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