15-54/A&C/2019/HEC-FAD(QA)/196: 5-3-2021

Subject: Notification

Common title: Promotion from DTRC

Number: 15-54/A&C/2019/HEC-FAD(QA)/196

Dated: March 05, 2021

Keywords: Initial Appointment, Endorsement, Selection Board, TTS Appointment, DTRC, TRP, Promotion, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor

In pursuance of the approval of the competent authority, it is notified that all cases of initial appointment at the level of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor on TTS which have already been submitted to HEC or going to be submitted by the Public Sector Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for endorsement, after fulfilling all the codal formalities and subsequent approvals from the University statutory bodies, will be considered provisionally endorsed from the date of Selection Board under the declaration to be submitted by the concerned Registrar stating that all appointments have been made in accordance with HEC TTS Model Statutes version 2.0 and Policies/different clarifications (as applicable) issued from time to time.

02. The University, being appointing authority shall bear the obligation of each appointment after checking all the publications and other minimum eligibility conditions of the applicants against their original/actual documentary evidence. Moreover, university shall ensure that the publications are included in HEC recognized Journals of prescribed categories for the purpose of Tenure Track, and all other requisite codal formalities have been fulfilled.

03. In case a complaint is received at HEC regarding non-compliance of the minimum eligibility criteria or at any point of time, the case(s) are found deficient, HEC reserves the right to withdraw provisional endorsement(s) and recover funds provided to University as salary. The onus of non-compliance will be on the University, and violations in TTS appointments shall result in Imposition of ban on the university for TTS authorisations.

04. To avoid delays, dossiers submitted by the faculty to the management of HEls for conducting DTRCs and TRPs, shall in future be shared with HEC concurrently. In case a dossier is modified by the faculty, its final version shall also be shared with HEC.

05. Universities are further directed to streamline their processes of recruitment, tenure, Promotions, and hold Selection Board twice a year. The date of promotion will be reckoned from the date on which the DTRC made its final recommendation subject to clearance by the TRP and Selection Board, and approval of the Syndicate/BoG/competent forum.

06. This will come into force w.e.f. date of notification and will be applicable to those cases only for which more than six months have been passed since the date of DTRC and no further action hag been taken since then.

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