15-54/HEC/A&C/2020/1884: 16-10-2020

Subject: Notification

Common title: TTS Administrative Positions October 2020

Number: 15-54/HEC/A&C/2020/1884

Dated: October 16, 2020

Keywords: TTS, HEC, Administrative Posts, Probationary Reviews

The HEC Commission in its 36th meeting held on June 12-13, 2020 decided to amend the clause 1.1 (d) and Annexure-A of Model Tenure Track Process Statutes version 2.0 (the “Model Statutes”) regarding the issue of administrative positions that TTS Faculty may be allowed to take up. In accordance with the decision of the Commission, clauses 1.1(d) of the Model Statues shall be substituted with the following sub-clause, effective from the date of this notification:

“(d) In order to enable TTS faculty to obtain valuable managerial experience, non-tenured TTS faculty may be allowed to take up limited academic-cum-administrative responsibilities that require no more than 20% of their time commitment, and do not involve additional pay or allowance. Alternatively, such faculty members may be allowed to take a leave of absence from the tenure process for a period of up to two years to take up a purely administrative position, provided that in this case, they will not be allowed to draw the TTS Premium.”

2. The University shall notify the academic-cum-administrative positions that would require no more than a 20% of the time commitment of the faculty members with the approval of the university’s statutory bodies.

3. For the avoidance of doubt, this amendment/policy shall be applicable from the date of issuance of this notification and will not be applicable retrospectively.

4. With respect to the matter of administrative or academic-administrative positions discussed in HEC’s letters Nos. ED/HEC/TTS-105/04/78 and CON.QA/HEC/TTS-137/331-332 dated 12.04.2016 and 04.12.2017 respectively (together, the “Previous Notifications”), it is further clarified that:

a) the aforementioned Previous Notifications will be upheld by the HEC as being applicable from the date of issuance of the notifications;

b) the terms “administrative post” or “administrative position” shall refer only to posts or positions specifically mentioned in the Previous Notifications (or to exactly the same position, if it is called by a different name in certain universities), as follows:

i. in the first notification (dated 12.04.2016), the term “administrative post” mentioned in paragraph 2(b) shall only refer to positions specifically mentioned therein (i.e. Registrar, Director HR, Controller of Examinations and Treasurer); and

ii. in the second notification (dated 04.12.2017), the term “administrative position” (as it appears for the second time) shall refer only to positions specifically mentioned in that sentence, namely Registrar, Controller of Examination, Provost, Resident Officer, and Director/Principal Campus; and

c) the new policy approved by Commission (as set forth in the above paragraphs) will be applicable to administrative or academic-cum-administrative positions taken up by TTS faculty members from the date of this notification, and the new policy will supersede the Previous Notifications (with respect to the posts or positions taken up under the new policy).

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