ED/HEC/TTS-105/04/78: 12-4-2016

Subject: Clarification - TTS

Number: ED/HEC/TTS-105/04/78

Dated: April 12, 2016

Keywords: TTS, HEC, Administrative Posts, Probationary Reviews

HEC’s Model Tenure Track Statutes illustrate different clauses relevant to various aspects, yet QAD keeps receiving queries / clarifications about these clauses. Besides, some Universities while appointing / promoting the

. In an effort to minimize the queries/clarifications and helping the universities to avoid any conflict in the implementation of TTS rules, following clarification’s and decisions has been made and conveyed to be followed:

a) Probationary Reviews:

As per TTS Statutes clause 2.3 the universities are required to raise reports for annual and Mid-Term reviews respecting the faculty members on tenure track before awarding them 2 Term on probation. Previously, HEC has not been acquiring these reports from the universities. However, it has been noted with concern that some universities have been awarding the 2 Term without raising these reports resulting into continuous payment of TTS salary to those faculty members. Such a situation is contrary to the basic spirit of TTS, wherein it is the responsibility of the University to ensure that every faculty member working under Tenure Track System is contributing the best to achieve desired results. The universities need to have a comprehensive mechanism of periodic evaluations so that the appointees under TTS undergo a process of evaluation on regular basis.

In order to ensure that the 2 probationary tenure 1s offered only after getting the satisfactory DTRC reports, raised in timely manner, HEC has decided to get the reports for annual as well as mid-Term reviews respecting the TTS faculty members before awarding the 2™ term of probation. Accordingly, the universities are advised to stop the salary of a probationary faculty member at the completion of the 1* probationary term and then release it only if the requirement of the 1“ term are completed satisfactorily by the faculty member. The Universities are, therefore, required to forward the mid-term reports of Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors on Tenure Track along with their annual reports.

b) Appointment on Administrative Posts:

As pet TTS statues, only a Tenured faculty member can assume responsibility in an administrative capacity of a Vice Chancellor. Besides, after June 30, 2014, only a tenured faculty member can take administrative appointments such as Director Research, Dean of a Faculty and Head of Department only.

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